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Barrels of fun at Food Gatherers

Posted on by Dan Roehrig


It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…

Just kidding!  OK, for real:

My time at Food Gatherers, while not particularly long (a little over three years), has been diverse, at least within the realm of operations.  I started out as a Food Runner, and being in that position one finds food drives to be an almost auxiliary concept relative to the overall mission. Most of my duties in that capacity consisted of moving donated perishable goods — picking up from grocery stores and dropping off at distribution sites. Occasionally I would pick up a barrel or two of donated food from a church, school, or other organization kind enough to support our efforts.  Only the very large drives such as Rockin’ for the Hungry and the NALC Stamp-Out Hunger drive made a major impression.

When I transitioned to the Warehouse Assistant position I became a little more aware of the importance and volume of the canned food drives. I was witness to the regular flow of the barrels coming and going, and being around the pantry more I really noticed how much we relied on the kindness of our neighbors.

When food drives were coming in, the pantry is a beautiful place to be.  However, it is equally depressing to see the shelves bare.  This impressed upon me the vital importance of those who took it upon themselves to collect food for their hungry neighbors and help keep cupboards full.

Now, as the Transportation Coordinator, I find myself in charge of the logistics of all food drives, and the sheer volume of them boggles the mind.  In the month of October alone we processed 62 food drive receipts, and I can guarantee that number will be significantly higher for November.  Many thanks are due to more people than I could possibly name here; suffice to say that I consider myself quite lucky to be a part of this community.

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