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Looking forward to Mondays

Posted on by Braley Ferris


Every Monday*, I help with the fresh produce distribution that Food Gatherers hosts at Catholic Social Services. My job at Food Gatherers is the Office Manager/Receptionist and the majority of my day is filled with processing orders, answering the phone, and greeting visitors. I look forward to Mondays because I get to interact with the people Food Gatherers works to serve.

2:45 pm: I arrive at Catholic Social Services and people are already in line. The buzz has already started to fill the air as people wait to see what the truck is going to unload this week.

3:00 pm: As the truck unloads, people start to see what is going to be available that day and begin to chat about the items and swap recipe ideas.

4:00 pm: The doors open and the line wraps around the building. People are very excited to have the opportunity to choose their own free fresh produce, and everyone that comes in the door thanks us many times for the service we are providing.

6:00 pm: Closing time. I know the distribution is a success because there are still people arriving hoping to select produce.

A range of people come to this distribution Р from the elderly to young children with their parents. One of my favorite parts of the afternoon is to watching how excited the children get about being able to pick out fresh fruits and vegetables. They run around the room choosing their favorite items and help their family fill their bags. The distribution has many items to choose from, which means everyone is able to find something they like. It is always fun to watch people search in the bins and find items from the farmers market or a local farm that they were really looking forward to cooking with this week. We have people that come every week, and people that come for the first time who have heard about what a great service is being provided.

*[Ed. note - This weekly distribution wrapped up in early November. Food Gatherers continues to host a weekly produce distribution on Fridays at Peace Neighborhood Center.]

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