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Neighbors helping neighbors

Posted on by Marti Lachapell


I am the Director of Agency Relations here at Food Gatherers, so I get to see firsthand the impact of our work.  I am always humbled by the generosity of the clients that visit our partner programs.  This is a caring and loving community that comes together to help each other.

Recently, a brand new mother called me. She was having difficulty feeding her baby. She was watering down her baby formula to make it stretch further and last longer.  I referred this new mom to Hope Medical Clinic, one of our partners in Ypsilanti who met with the woman the same day.  The mom called me back to thank Food Gatherers.  “I have food, I have formula. And I even have diapers!”  She was just so excited about having such a basic need met. And so are we.

At a low income housing site where we host a regular  food distribution, I noticed a young  woman carefully placing items into two separate bags; if she got four cans of tuna, two went in one bag and the other two went into the other bag.  She took great patience in ensuring that the food she was getting was equally distributed.  When I inquired if I could help her carry her bags to the car,  she said “one is for Mary”.  Apparently, Mary had been in an accident and could not get out of her apartment to get food.   I commented,  “What a great friend you are” and she told me she had not actually met Mary.  Mary had just moved into the building and she had heard through the grapevine about her accident and wanted to help her out. Truly neighbors caring for neighbors!

I am so grateful to be part of our local food chain–connecting those who have enough with those who have too little. We are thankful to partner with local agencies who help our neighbors in need with dignity and respect.

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