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Guest Post: The creative mind behind this year’s Grillin’ art!

Posted on by Guest


Ever wondered how the awesome art at Grillin’ comes to life? Local artist John Dinser is in the process of creating the artwork for this year’s Grillin’ for Food Gatherers, which will be featured on posters, t-shirts, and more. We’re excited that he is sharing the behind-the-scenes view of the process on his blog, and that he has generously agreed to feature it here as well. All content and photos are his work. Enjoy!¬†

Tuesday, January 21, 2014: Food Gatherers Poster

Reviewing past Grillin’ posters for inspiration.

I got contacted to do the GRILLIN’ 2014 Food Gatherers poster. If you don’t live in Ann Arbor you may not know what Food Gatherers is. You can read more about them on their site.

GRILLIN’ is a benefit that happens every year to raise money and awareness. It is a giant picnic where the community comes together to help this great organization out. Each year they have a poster and promotional materials for the event. This year I am doing the artwork for the poster, a t-shirt and some other materials.

I plan on blogging about the creation of the artwork here. If you are at all into the creative process well then this is the place to check back. I will be posting sketches and photos as I go through the various steps creating this. So check back and you will see this come to life before your eyes.

We met at the Food Gatherers warehouse. I had never been there before so it was all new to me. When you go in you get this warm fuzzy feeling inside. This place is all about helping humanity and that comes through right away. We met and looked at past posters, talked about deadlines and other matters. Now the work begins.



Wednesday, January 22, 2014: First Steps

Starting the project on paper.

When I work on any artistic project it always begins on paper. I do as many thumbnails as¬†possible, along with researching styles and reference to work from. I get inspired all the time, so I always carry at least 1 sketchbook with me. I doodle and draw ideas as I get them. This first part of the project is the most fun. Today I have at least 6 ideas that I could use for the poster design. Since I have a bit of time, I will work on brainstorming ideas for a few more days before I start the REAL sketches. That way I can still be open for new and more creative ideas. The secret is the sketchbook…..and coffee






Wednesday, January 29, 2014: Bigger is Better

Time for larger sketches!

I took a few days to think about some of my ideas. I have done at least 50 thumbnails and now I go through my sketchbook and select ones I think are pretty good ideas. I print out an area that is proportional to the poster size and do larger sketches working within the format. These help me place elements and think of where type will go. The poster has a ton of type that needs to go on it, so I have to leave room and think about what will go in the areas that are going to have type in them. The areas need to have very little detail. The larger sketches help a lot. These are not what I call “Presentation” sketches, these are just for me and let me decide what I will present to the client. The deadline is a ways away so I have the luxury of time on my side so far. This is my favorite part, I don’t know yet which idea will end up as the final idea for the poster so it is really a mystery even to me at this point.



Stay tuned for more updates from John – via his blog and ours – about his creative process!


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